Hi! I’m Katie and welcome to katieeatsvegan!

I started eating vegan in April 2013, and this blog documents recipes, restaurants and shop finds that are all vegan friendly & helped me along on my journey in some way. I hope you find these things useful too. 🙂 There are also some vegetarian bits and bobs too.

I made the switch to a plant based diet after getting a bit curious about the question most people now ask me – “what on earth do vegans eat?” So, for a bit of my own experiential learning & development – I gave it a go ( Maybe it’s something to do with turning 25  and wanting to try everything before I feel too old to be testing out different versions of me to see what fits!)

So, overnight I went from meat eating Katie, to Katieeatsvegan. It felt right, so I’ve stuck with it. Over time I’ve learnt more about the meat and dairy industry, and it’s nice to be able to keep healthy & happy in a way which I hope treads as lightly on the earth as possible & is compassionate to all living things. It’s a nice idea to live by, and so far it’s working well!

I’m also on facebook and instagram – come say hello!

Thanks for stopping by!

Katie xxx


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