Individual Vegan Wellingtons with creamed chestnut spinach

Individual Vegan Wellingtons with creamed chestnut spinach

Hi ya’all

I have dusted off the old wordpress again to put on another roast recipe. I always feel so stuffed when I eat these roasts and the creamed spinach is a nice addition in both the wellington and on the side. It’s actually a slightly adapted recipe from PETA, so worth having a scan of their recipes section every now and then! It’s also a nice way to use this Vegetarian haggis from Macsween, and it makes a nice change from more typical nut roast. You can easily pick it up in supermarkets like Waitrose although it is often in funny places so you might need to pick it out from the non veggie aisle.

image (011).jpeg

All you’ll need for this is:

The Wellington/Pies

Puff Jus Roll pastry

Macsween Delicious Every Day vegetarian haggis

Mushrooms that are suitable for stuffing – I used Portobello Mushrooms

Violife cheese slices (Optional)

Creamed chestnuts & spinach (recipe below)

Oil to brush the pastry.


Creamed Spinach and Chesnuts

Oil to cook with

2 cloves of garlic, or less depending on your taste chopped finely

1 large red onion

1 large bag of washed spinach

1 packet of Chestnuts – I use Merchant Gourmet Whole Chestnuts and used about 1/3 pack

1 Tbsp. flour
1 small carton of soy cream, I used Alpro Single cream

1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
1 tsp. salt
Pinches of freshly ground black pepper
Plus, any usual roast trimmings. In this case I roasted up potatoes, parsnips, carrots and paxo stuffing. I also made up some steamed broccoli and veggie gravy.



Start by prepping the roasting veg, such as the potatoes and parsnips so they are ready to start roasting as you make up the creamed spinach. The spinach can then be put to one side once made and then warmed up again just before serving as a side dish as well as the filling of the wellingtons.

To make the creamed spinach:

First heat up the oil and cook the onions until translucent and cook up the chopped garlic. Then add the flour and stir constantly. Mix in the cream, adding small amounts as you so and then the nutmeg, salt and pepper, adding to taste. Finally add in the spinach and chestnuts and cook until the spinach is tender. Keep stiring the mix and keep an eye on how much it reduces, you want it to thicken but don’t leave it too long.

Once this is done pop it to one side so the little mushrooms can be assembled ready for the oven.

This is just a case of rolling out the pastry to be the correct size to wrap the mushrooms up.

Removing the stalks of the mushroom and then brushing them with a bit of olive oil.

Filling the mushroom with a layer of the veggie haggis.

image (004).jpg

The adding a slice of violife vegan cheese, and topping with a tablespoon of the creamed spinach.


Carefully wrap up the stuffed mushrooms and place on a baking tray or dish. Sprinkle on a few herbs if you wish, I chose to use a bit of rosemary and thyme I cooked my roast veg in.

Rosemary topped & ready to go

Place in the oven with the roasting vegetables and cook for about 25-30 mins. Keep an eye on the parcels til the pastry has risen and is cooked through. Serve up with roasted veg, the warmed creamed spinach and some gravy.





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