Christmas chocolate, caramel, peanut & date treats!

Hi everyone!

Time for a quick recipe post, this is something I was having a play around with after buying a block of dates one day and wondering what on earth to create with it. I love the nakd bars and dates are one of the key ingredients in them, so something easy and yummy would be possible. In the end I created this little treat, caramelly goodness, sort of snickers like, and perfect for the festive season. It also features the amazing biscoff biscuit spread, which is just ridiculously tasty.


Christmas chocolate, caramel, peanut & date treats:


One block of stoned dates
Jar of Biscoff Lotus biscuit spread
Jar of peanut butter or nut butter of choice (I used whole earth organic peanut butter)
Vegan friendly Dark Chocolate of Cacao ( I used Bourneville)


It’s super simple!

1.Warm up the stoned dates so you will be able to shape them into half spheres. For ease I use a microwave and just warm them up a little so they are very easy to shape. They only need a few seconds. Once warmed, you can either use the palm of your hand to create the shape, or if you feel fancy, use a cake pop mould to create the perfect little ball of yummyness!


2. Using a teaspoon fill each side of the ball treat with the chosen filling. I  made half peanut butter and half biscoff spread. Once filled, pop in the fridge. Take a moment or two whilst your date balls cool to celebrate getting halfway through this recipe by eating the biscuit spread from the jar. You won’t be able to resist this, so you may as well plan for it.

*If you aren’t using a cake pop mould, you can just make a dent in the balls and fill with your choices of spreads.


Feel no shame in this…

3. Now the balls are cooled pop the two halves together to create perfect spheres! Melt down your choice of chocolate and dip. Allow to cool so you finish with a hard shell. Done!

Perfect date balls ready to be covered…


Until next time…

Katie xxx

ig & facebook : katieeatsvegan


One thought on “Christmas chocolate, caramel, peanut & date treats!

  1. I’m ready for any recipe with dates in it, there some the most delicious things I have ever eaten. I grew up with grandmother who had tree of them along with figs, ah what memories

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