Omms and noms at the Zenith Yoga and Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam


Hot Hanoi! You crazy city, there’s so much to see, from the embalmed body of Ho Chi Minh(!!), to the fascinating women’s museum, this was my first taster of Vietnam, and I spent days pounding the pavement, my heart full of excitement just to be around another new country, checking out the main sites and seeing how the people of Hanoi carry out their day…
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Hanoi, like any other Asian city is perfect in its utter chaos. Constant beeping from motorcycles and traffic, you dodge the dangers with each road you cross. After taking in all the mayhem I needed some lunch, and found a little section on Zenith Yoga in the lonely planet guide. Perhaps now was time for a little omm time!

Zenith describe themselves as an oasis of calm in the centre of Hanoi, and my gosh are they correct. After finding their new location (I got sent in a free taxi after arriving at the old location described in my Lonely Planet!) I took off my newly bought,(possibly fake) North Face trainers and snuck up the steps ready to find inner bliss and a happy tummy…

I was also lucky enough to find that everything, from classes to meals was 50% off due to the move,  fantastic!

Head down 62 Ly Thuong Kiet St and look up for this sign!

The cafe is just gorgeous. It’s right off the main street, but as soon as you step in it is so so quiet. The colours are serene, the cushion seating is snuggly and the flowers on each table are just the cutest little touch. Everything here is vegetarian, most things are vegan. As you can imagine, with 50% off I kept coming back, for a series of omms and noms!

Cosy cushions & quiet of zenith cafe

My first meal was from the very last page of the menu, a spread of selected mini bites from the menu, consisting of tofu wrapped mushroom bites, advocado nem wraps, mini zucchin & black bean burger, falafel, fresh tabouleh and three dips. Absolutely delicious.


My favourite was the tofu bites, white & brown mushrooms, carrot, coriander & spring onions wrapped inside baked tofu strips, comes with pine nuts and tamarind dipping sauce. Here’s a close up!


Zenith Yoga was in fact, so delicious that I returned later that day for a soya hot chocolate before attending a free mediation class! (Which also was awesome!)

Never had hot chocolate with a straw!

Knowing that the food was fresh and nourishing I returned another day for half price yoga and tried the hummus pizza. A wholemeal base with marinated grilled eggplant, zucchini & red pepper, topped with tahini and coriander. Light and packed full of flavour! (120,000 VND, about £3.50)


Following yoga, which served to remind me how awful my balance is!! I went for a slice of chocolate cake.


On my final trip I went for one of the mini burgers from the selection above, a full sized caramelized zucchini & blackbean burger. Wholemeal bun, topped with fresh advocado & kinh gioi sauce (that’s Vietnamese mint!) and laid on a bed of spinach. Delish and comes in at 130,000 VND (About £3.80 – or under £2 for those lucky enough to get that 50% deal!)


Zenith Studio and Cafe: 62 Ly Thuong Kiet St, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

You can check out more about Zenith Yoga and Cafe here It is definitely worth a look if you are ever in Hanoi. Give yourself a bit of chill time on your travels and get a bit of inner peace on a happy full tummy!

Until next time,

Katie xxx

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  1. Thank you so much for your great article about us, Zenith Yoga & Cafe II, what a lovely reminder of our passionate and pursuant mission. So glad we found this today, and would like to share on our page. Thank you!

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