Bangkok Bagels, BKK Bagel Bakery


Isn’t it peculiar, we travel the world on a quest for the new, yet when we see something familiar from home, we make a beeline for it…..

Bread. Bagels. It’s been a while.

My beautiful travel friend Daisy, would see and listen to my sorrow and what then turned into a long running joke about Cambodian baguettes. They appear to be like French bread, but like many S.E Asian carbs, have a sweetness to them. Grateful to eat cheap I would chow down on them, but it never felt right…..

Daisy and I chillin’ on a Cambodian rock, as ya do..

So, finding myself in Bangkok (feeling a million miles away from the red track roads of rural Cambodia)  and smack bam in front of the bagel shop BKK I got a hankering for the old tasty times of back home.


Popping my head in two things hit me, well three….gotta love that air con..

Firstly there’s an individual sign that states “vegan coffee!”

Secondly, they are playing the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. ♫ ♬ Do you love me? ♫ ♬

Sold. In I waltz. Turns out there’s a super yummy vegan option to be found here, the Veggie Monger for 160 Baht, around 3 pounds. It has all my salad friends, things usually banished from the backpackers diet; lettuce, tomato, red onion, carrot, sprouting beans, carrot and…hummus and advocado… the last two, the very best.

I get my bagel delivered to my table to the sound of Motown. It’s a good lunchtime. Proper savoury bread and plenty of filling. Who needs boys when you can have bagels?


Advertising BKK with a serious pale look going on..

Check out BKK here and here! Three mins walk from Chit Lom BTS Station, address is, 518/3 Maneeya Center, Ploenchit Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thái Lan.

Until next time!

Katie xxxxxxx


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