Archie Browns in Penzance

Hi guys!

As we finally see a teeny bit of British sunshine this week, I wanted to do a quick blog post about a lovely place in Penzance I visited late last summer with fab veggie & vegan meals. I can’t wait for 2015 sunshine to be in full swing soon! Spring is finally here – although typically as I look out my window I can see a bit of drizzle!

DSC_0015 DSC_0160
Whilst on holiday in this pretty part of the world, I had a quick google for good local places to eat and found the website for Archie Browns, who have branches in both Penzance and Turo. The Archie Browns website is bright & easy to use with tons of info and an online shop. After having a bit of a browse online, I was so excited to visit, & when we got there around  2pm there were still plenty of dishes left & cakes at the counter. The cafe has a super friendly vibe complete with cheerful little 3d fluffy clouds on the celling. The staff are smiley, chatty and helpful, giving the whole place a warm atmosphere.

Archie Browns, Bread St, Penzance TR18 2EQ
Archie Browns, Bread St, Penzance TR18 2EQ

I ate/ we shared (I may have stolen other people’s food a little in the name of getting accurate information for this blog post…)

Mushroom Stroganoff with Spelt Pasta, £8.50
Pumpkin & Kale Curry with Basmati Rice, Coriander & Yoghurt, £8.50
Now before we visited I did have a peek on Trip Advisor and amongst all the positive comments there was one on portion size. Don’t be put off by that – the portions are perfection. We found we had just the right amount.
The curry was pretty mild, but enough spice to give it plenty of flavour. It was lovely to have the mix of vegan yogurt and coriander, a lovely touch when most vegan options only take away rather than give a vegan alternative. Rice cooked perfectly, and a delicious crunchy seed-topped salad on the side.
The strogonoff was also really tasty, creamy and filling, with yummy spelt pasta. Again, this dish also had that lovely side salad. You can get the stroganoff as either a veggie or vegan option.
Both dishes were fantastic, and the other options on the menu looked fab too, there is a real range of seasonal dishes available so definitely something to suit every taste. I would have loved to have popped in again if we had been staying nearer.

Despite finishing off my friend’s stroganoff for him I decided that when in Penzance, if vegan dessert is available, vegan dessert must be ordered – so in an act of complete altruism, I went in for the Chocolate Banana Pudding. There were also some other delicious cakes available, carrot cakes, raw vegan cakes, again, lots of choices for all.
Chocolate Banana Pudding, warm and served with heated vegan custard (£4.25)….


I was so glad I ordered dessert! My spoon cut straight through the fluffy soft chocolate sponge. I can be quite picky when it comes to cake, and particuarly chocolate cake which can often sound better than it tastes, but this cake was a perfect mix of deep chocolate flavour and banana.
Downstairs, you will find a good size shop, full of wholefoods, vegan chocolate, ambient products, and beauty & home items.
aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
Thumbs up for Archie Browns all the way, if you are in Penzance or Truo, you now have no excuse to eat well and have a good shopping spree! Check out the Archie Brown site here
See you next time!
Katie xxx


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