Devon Diaries Day Six: The Road to Reading.

Our Devon adventure was over. We had amazing weather, saw places of such beauty, and found plenty of vegan food!

So, off to Reading we went for a one night stay en route to a family wedding.

First rule of vegan travel – always be resourceful! Expecting another long car journey I decided to take a packed lunch & use up the remaining vegan pesto – it would spoil in the hot car & far too good to bin. Now I am not alone in having an
unhealthy love for tupperware, however it was only after I had made up my pesto pasta snack I realised the crazyness of it all- I had not packed storage! However I did find a bag that had our breakfast bread in, which made a makeshift container of sorts. That’s right, I am a classy vegan girl.

Happy tummy, no regrets

We stayed at Reading Lake hotel, I got a deal online, I did not at all expect the amazing bedroom view. Such a bonus!

The hotel staff were super friendly and accomodating, I ended up ordering off the menu, I had the vegetable curry with chips, to keep with my classy theme for the day! I also had some hot chocolate, the Hotel did not have soya, but I had travelled with it, so they made me one up, complete with another fab freebie biscuit, and our last night of our holidaywas spent reading, chilling and hot chocolating.


This Charming Man’s       Moz impression

All in all my first trip away in the UK as a vegan was trouble free. Just keep your eyes open for the odd random vegan finds, and check out area specific vegan facebook groups & happy cow for pointers of where to visit. If you happen to be in this beautiful part of the world, check out the places I mentioned, and if you find somewhere new – let me know!


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