Devon Diaries Day Three: Totnes Treats – Willow Cafe, Greenlife Wholefoods & The Fat Lemon Cafe.

One of our nearest larger towns & place of interest to visit was the market town of Totnes. It had a wide mix of shops, museums & themed markets going on as well as some awesome charity shops too!

On the Happy Cow website and mobile app you can do a search for veggie or vegan places for all over the UK, and a couple of potentials popped up for me. It turns out that Totnes is a pretty great place to be vegan in!

The Fat Lemon: Ticklemore St, TQ9 5EJ
I popped in here for a coffee and a vegan milkshake. Both were lovely, we expected the coffee to be good as they were voted to have the best in Totnes at the 2012 coffee festival & are currently ranked 7th on TripAdvisor.

coffeeand milk

Our soya latte did not disappoint, and the milkshake was great too. Their dairy one is ice cream based, but my soya one was more similar to a milk and crusha mix, which made it far less heavy than a Shakeaway style shake. They do lots of tasty veggie lunch options and some vegan bits too, soups, sandwiches, the standard stuff and a few cakes and vegan scones alongside. We enjoyed the outside courtyard area, a pretty little sunspot to read the local newspapers in and watch people stroll on by.

Watching the world go by from the Fat Lemon                              courtyard…

Willow Cafe: 87 High St,TQ9 5LW
Again, I popped in just to check this place out and buy a small snack. Willow cafe smelt gorgeous, lots of heathy hearty options, full of grains and herbs. If you see any other reviews, the words wholesome & rustic will crop up many a time, which sums up Willow perfectly. Reminded me a little of my more local Iydea cafe back home. I bought a small salad to go with a mix of grain, seed, veggies and herbs, simple but full of fresh flavour. If I ever visit Totnes, I’d be eager to see what they had for lunch that day as the menu changes seasonally, and they also do an Indian night and seem to have lots of live music.

Willow Restaurant

Greenlife Wholefoods: 1-2 Birdwood Court, High Street TQ9 5SG

This place is amazing!!!! I felt like I was back home, browsing the aisle of Infinity Foods. Greenlife are a small store, but covered everything from organic fresh produce, vegan pestos & sauces, body care, make up and tons more. I could have happily spent lots and lots here, with all the big vegan brands like Booja Booja & Redwoods, and smaller, independent brands to tempt me! I was able to browse through all the vegan goodies on shelves, and peek at the vegan cheeses, ice creams and other chilled items in the four freezers and seven fridges they had.! I was a bit gutted we had such a long car journey back, as so much of the vegan ice cream looked delish and whilst eating a whole tub may be possible, I thought better of it.

They also had a cool little Lavera stand in amongst the wide beauty/bodycare section, I’ve heard of this make up before but not been able to sample. I’ll bear this brand in mind for future beauty buys when my other bits of vegan make up have run out!

Turns out Greenlife has quite an interesting story, and you can read about it’s history and ethos here.
They also have a host of in store advisers with different specialisms, and in store events to check out.

Finally, I found vegan friendly biscuits in the Totnes Spar, in my previous blog post I’ve said about these “farmy style” cookies that can often happen to be vegan. These chocolate dipped ones are amazing, if you grab them I challenge you not to eat them all in one go!

Yum yum yum
A close up on the ingredients list showing that it seems vegan to me!
These are always the gift for the workplace biscuits that never quite make it back home…

As we’d done a big shop the day before, we ate at home, this time having Fry’s Country Mushroom Pies. I love the Linda McCartney’s gravy style one, and it will probably always have the edge over Fry’s, but the creamy sauce is really tasty, so for a different, easy TV dinner it is fab.

fry pie

I loved my visit to Totnes, what an interesting and vegan friendly place! If you are nearby on holiday you simply have to visit! I was so impressed by Greenlife, sometimes the best one can do is find a tiny Holland & Barrett but in Totnes you are spoilt with this place and their range of fab products! Visit, spend and enjoy!

Katie xxx

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