Devon Diaries Day Five: Bigbury on Sea – Beaches and Burgers at The Venus Company

I love swimming in the sea. I taught myself to swim last year – it’s never too late to learn!

Whilst I rarely go deeper than my height, I now feel far more confident in the sea and Devon has such beautiful,
gorgeous sandy beaches I couldn’t wait to have a quick dip. Back home, our beaches are stoney, and in Devon the
water is a little warmer – not that you’d remember that once you start wading in!!

Bigbury on Sea has miles of sandy beach, beautiful costal views, and even a its own island with an Art Deco era hotel,
accessible by foot when the tide is low, or you can just view it from the comfort of lying on the sand!


Pretending it was a lot warmer than it felt!

If you are looking for a beach around this part of the world, it’s not only got the gorgeous views & sandy shoreline to
draw you in, Bigbury on Sea also has a little Venus Takeaway cafe with an extensive menu of locally produced food and
vegan options! You can choose a Venus Vegan Breakfast with vegan sausages, or as we had, the scrummy Venus Veggie Burger, made with organic tofu, red onion, carrot, beetroot fresh, tahini, herbs and seeds. Just ask for it without the mayo. It’s delish!

So yummy!!

As I was ordering a couple of soya lattes I spotted some boxes of Tofutti Chocolate Fudge treats – kind of like a
mini milk- although it is clearly not the prettiest dessert, it was a tasty vegan find!


The Venus Company are in various locations in the South West and the vegan burger seems to be available on the daytime menus in most places – check them out here 

What’s been your best unexpected vegan find?

Katie xxx

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