Devon Diaries: Day One – Blue Dragon vegan crispy beef using Muscolo di grano

One of my vegan finds in the Devon diaries was the Blue Dragon mini meal kits for Crispy Beef & Lemon Chicken. Here I’ll be chatting about the crispy beef, I decided to use with it my second packet of Muscolo di grano vegan meat.

Crispy Beef & Lemon Chicken
Crispy Beef & Lemon Chicken

Blue Dragon label their products pretty well. Here you can see they have written “suitable for vegetarians and vegans” Thanks Blue Dragon- it is so helpful! Especially on products like this which at first look really do not seem to be geared at a vegan market!

Suitable for vegans!
Suitable for vegans!

The Blue dragon kit caught my eye because I’ve been missing crispy beef (I used to think of it as a warm meaty cereal it was so crunchy!!! and yes I know that may sound pretty gross!) and it also looked like a pretty simple and fun thing to make. I found it on offer, 2 for £2.

I chose to use my Muscolo di grano for the “beef”  as it does crisp up pretty nicely, as you can see in my earlier review of this stuff.

Making this quick meal after a day travelling by car could not be more easy. And it needed to be easy, as I said I am a new driver and being on the road is still nervewracking!!
You simply follow the steps on the glass jar, just peel off the sticker. Ohhh.

Ooops. hope you do better than me!
Ooops. hope you do better than me!

Well, I could get the gist of it despite ripping off half the label. The jar says steps 1,2,3. However, I added another step, I like to fry up my vegan meat a bit with some olive oil to ensure it cooks through and gets crispy. The smaller the bits, the crispier they get.

Muscolo Di Grano frying up well
Muscolo Di Grano frying up well

Just use kitchen paper to absorb excess oil before you add the tempura batter powder, and fry it up to crisp it further as you heat the sweet chilli sauce and cook your side dishes (I went for bagged veggie stir fry mix, and amoy straight to wok noodles).


The result: A simple, no fuss meal that is a little different from the usual Blue Dragon Sauces. The muscolo di grano was tasty and crisp, I think I may even cut it into even slimmer strips next time.  Although it tasted yummy, it was not quite the same as the crispy beef I used to eat, so I may give it a go again next time with V Bites beef style just to see if I can get it nearer to what I used to eat. That being said, it didn’t both us in the slightest and we were happy to tuck in after a long day on the road! If you haven’t tried Muscolo di grano yet, have a look in your local health food store, or your nearest veg fest event to give it a go!

Katie xxxx


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