Devon Diaries – first vegan finds

Happy Holiday Time!

So excited to be adventuring away from home, the last few holidays have been cheaper staycations – but actually getting away from the house & the usual environment was something much needed. However, going on holiday to any new place, with any dietary requirement can potentially be a challenge, and being fairly new to veganism we did wonder how easy it would be for me.

As a personal rule, I try my hardest to intend to stick to a vegan diet, this means I don’t go out of my way to eat something that I know it not vegan, but it some cases it can be tricky. Sometimes things aren’t labelled well, and if on this path right now, some mistakes happen I learn from it, & try not to give myself too much of a hard time, as my intent is always in the right place. I try to be as practical and compassionate as I can be, and I’m happy to say all has been going well so far, so, I really was hoping to be able to navigate rural Devon with a vegan compass!

We had a long, and scary journey, as I only passed my driving test in December, so driving in unknown places on busy roads is still quite daunting for me, and at times terrifying for my boyfriend! We had regular pit stops along with way, and found some decent lunch and snacks in the motor stations.

I love this M&S nutty salad
I love this M&S nutty salad
Travel munchies in the kitty car
Travel munchies in the kitty car

Once we arrived in Devon, our first stop was a local Tesco Express and Spar in a place called Bovey Tracy. Managed to get together a number of vegan finds for the first night. Happy days! Going vegan isn’t as impossible as we wondered!

First shop finds
First shop finds!

Vegan Finds list:

Alpro Soya Milk – perfect for that much needed British cuppa after long journeys!

Pistachios & Olives for snacking

Original Source Shower Gel to freshen up with

First night dinner – Stir Fry, veggies, noodles and new sauces suitable for vegans; lemon chicken & crispy beef – reviewed here

Fantastic! What also helped is that I packed with me some muscolo di grano vegan meat, schlagfix whippy cream (so I was not tempted by cream teas!) & nutritional yeast. Felt a bit like a crazy cat lady, a crazy nooch lady– do they exist?

How have you found UK holidaying as a newbie vegan or vegan veteran? What things do you always bring?

Katie xxxx


One thought on “Devon Diaries – first vegan finds

  1. That’s a great idea to pack in some veggie meats if you know you will be able to cook. I like to take along some raw food bars to snack on – either Nakd or homemade ones. I find them a much less messy alternative to trying to carry fruit with me 🙂

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