Vegan hangover cure and/or pick me up- mocha almond milk and cinnamon popcorn!

Hi guys!

Here’s a quick little item on two things you can pick up to pick you up on the cheap! Both items are on offer £1 each at Tesco at the moment, and they are scrumptious. I’ve found them to be just the ticket after a cheeky night out when I want to curl up in my pjs and watch bad tv!

Walkers Sensations popcorn – Sweet cinnamon & salt.
This stuff is seriously moreish! It’s been on the shelves for a few months now, but regularly gets put on promotion for a pound. I’ve been a big fan of sweet & salty popcorn since my friend convinced me to get different layers in a cinema years ago, and the combination of just those two flavours is so yummy. But here, walkers have added some cinnamon to it and the results are divine… saltiness, sweetness and a bit of spice. Yum!

Awesome combo - you must try it!
Awesome combo – you must try it!

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Iced Coffee- Mocha flavour:
I’ve been drinking the Almond Breeze milk for quite a while, I like to rotate my milks and this stuff is pretty low calorie, but has calcium and other vitamins in too. This mini bottle of mocha iced coffee is a bit of a treat for those of you who miss buying the individual dairy versions in the cooler section. There’s two flavour choices – you can buy the mocha version or the cappuccino – however, the US also sells vanilla flavour, and big cartons of the iced stuff…perhaps this will come our way too. Another bit of a bonus if you have a bit of a sore head is that one bottle is just 30 calories, so go on, have another handful of that popcorn…..

Mocha yummyness
Mocha yummyness

Well that’s it for now guys! Enjoy these snacks & say hi to me on facebook or instagram for more vegan reviews & giveaways!

Much love, Katie xxxx

Go one, just one more little cupful....
Go one, just one more little cupful….



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