Vegan Finds at Cuculo Deli – Chocolate and Cookies

Cuculo Deli is in the sleepy little town of Heathfield. Being a deli, it had all the usual things you expect to see (and not eat!) but today I found…

Vegan biscuits and chocolates!!

Catch of the day -  Crumbly cookies, chocolate buttons and bars...
Catch of the day – Crumbly cookies, chocolate buttons and bars…


Choices Milk Chocolate Buttons – Milk  Chocolate and Chocolate Orange Flavour:

Choices chocolate is a great vegan milk chocolate option. Creamy and sweet, it is not as “ricey” tasting as some other vegan milk chocolate I’ve had in the past. I’ve seen bars of it before in Waitrose, and a few months ago a white chocolate Choices Easter egg in Sainsburys!

However what was the most exciting thing to discover about this stuff was…

It’s 20p price tag.

20p! When has vegan chocolate been 20p!! Or really, any sweetie been? Long gone are the days of pocket money sweets!

As I type I feel the regret of only buying 4 bags. But as Scarlett O’ Hara did say (though probably not about vegan finds!)  “Tomorrow is another day!” So I know where I will be on Tuesday!

The chocolate orange flavour is delicious, you can really taste the orange oil without it being too overpowering.

The quality of the chocolate is also pretty good, you can melt it down pretty easy, so I turned my buttons into a couple of other treats..

Milk Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Milk Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Choc Orange Hello Kitty treats
Choc Orange Hello Kitty treats

Seed and Bean – Lemon and Cardamom:

This I’d never seen before, and wouldn’t have noticed it if it hadn’t had the vegan logo on the front. (Was still in shock with the 20p bags!)

Retailing at £2.80 (£2.39 on their website),  this is a pretty expensive bar, but Seed and Bean are organic and fairtrade, which you might not see at a supermarket. They also offer up some interesting flavours, and this bar is dark, spicy with just the right amount of citrus. It has an interesting texture, melting in the mouth but with little bits of cardamom in it. I will be rationing this stuff out to myself after dinner in the evenings.

Find out more about this brand at Seed&Bean – they were the official chocolate partner to Glasto this year!


Moores Biscuits – Barley & Oat Crumble:

A vegan friendly find for around £2 these biscuits are crumbly and moreish, which sounds corny considering their name. But it is true!

On my vegan journey I’ve been pleasantly surprised how many of these rustic, farmy  style biscuits are safe for vegans. Look out for these all over the place, usually little newsagents, farms shops and delis. I’ve even found chocolate covered, crumbly biscuits in a butchers once that were vegan friendly – that was an odd experience!!

I picked out the hazelnut crumble. It was lush.

Ingredients look okay!
Ingredients look okay!
Close up cookie, so yummy they did not hang about...
Close up cookie, so yummy they did not hang about…

There we are! Vegan finds when you least expect it! Always keep your eyes (and mind!) open when you are out and about, these vegan finds are cropping up all over the place, even in between the cheese and the ham!

If you are passing, it’s 69 High Street Heathfield. Worth popping by to snaffle up those 20p bags, who knows what other vegan items they may stock  in future! 😉

Happy Monday!



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